Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you will have a great time surfing. I'm Leonedes De Asis Catibod residing here in Cebu, Philippines. I am someone who's so much into internet surfing, blogging, and other webmaster's stuff. I'm a Physical Therapist by profession and currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Sports Physiotherapy program of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Prior to attending the Physical Therapy program at Southwestern University, I studied Information Technology at the University of Cebu-Main Campus. You can trace my passion for technology and other webmaster's stuff from there. 

After few years, I finally decided it was time to give my personal website a new look. This is definitely a work in progress. I hope that in few months I will be able to put more useful information on this website. In the meantime, I have provided links to some of my favorite website and blog.The purposes of this website are, to show to you the place where I grow up, the culture and the standard of living. I am talking about Cebu, Philippines especially my hometown. I divided the website into areas of interest. Use my website as a jumping-off-place to find out Cebu, Philippines. 

The areas of interest so far are base on my experience as a local resident in Cebu, Philippines-at home, growing up and during my teenage years. Essentially this website is not just about me, this website is also about the places where I grow up, my ideas and life experiences and anything else I feel would be of great interest to the viewers. I modified the design of this website to make it simple, elegant and uncluttered, compatible with most browsers (Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safarri, Google Chrome) and computer resolutions.

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