Kawasan Falls is the most popular tourist destination in the town. It is well visited by both foreign and local tourist. Kawasan Falls is a three-tiered cascade of crystal clear waterfalls. It is the highlight of Barangay Matutinao located in the town of Badian. The waterfalls make up the Matutinao River System, also awarded many times as the cleanest inland body of water in the country. The water coming from the falls is clean and crystal clear.

From Cebu City, Kawasan Falls can be reached by bus right at Cebu South Bus Terminal or at Librando Trans Inc. It will take 3 to 4 hours travel to reach Matutinao, a barangay in Badian where Kawasan Falls is located. You need to hike 15 to 30 minutes from the entry point in Barangay Matutinao to Kawasan Falls. The riverbank will lead you to the very heart of Kawasan Falls. Along the way, you can view several wild tropical plants, birds etc. Kawasan Falls is surrounded by lush, green rainforest and its magical landscape is truly a magical paradise.

Getting tired of the 15 to 30 minutes walk from the entry point? Relax for a while, enjoy the scenery and reward yourself with a very cold swim on fresh crystal clear water from the falls. You can choose to stay at the first level of the falls or you can continue climbing up to the second level. The very cold swim in fresh water is a cool and refreshing experience for the whole family and friends.

At the highest accessible point of Kawasan Falls, the source can be found. It is called Kabukalan "The Source", the fresh water rushes from a small cave and pours over the stones. Climbing up to Kabukalan needs extra energy coz it's quite far from the second level. Visiting the place is indeed a very unique, an extraordinary day of experiences for you. Come visit us!

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