We would like this to be your starting point to explore the Municipality of Badian. The municipality is the home to the beautiful Kawasan Falls, one of the popular tourist destinations in the province of Cebu. The town also houses Badian Island Resort and Spa, one of Cebu’s unique hotels where you can find the white sandy private beach with an atmosphere worth more than a thousand words. The hotel is beautifully located in Zaragosa, Badian.

Kawasan Falls is a must-see attraction while you’re in town, it’s a three-layered waterfall located in  Matutinao, Badian. The water is fresh and crystal clear. The magical landscape of Kawasan Falls is very cool and refreshing, an ideal paradise for the outgoing individual who loves and wants to get intimate with nature. Enjoy the cold swim on fresh, crystal clear spring water of Kawasan Falls.

You want to spend a day golfing?  Cebu International Golf and Resort is a perfect place for you. It is remotely located in Lambug, Badian. It’s an “18 hole par 72 courses” golf course in the town. The green is well maintained and the prices are reasonable. You can also enjoy a walk on a sunny Lambug Beach, a walk away from Cebu International Golf and Resort and it’s open to the public.

Perhaps we won’t be so familiar. We want to change that and show to you that there is a lot more to the Municipality of Badian. You’ll find us over a few hours of easy drive southwest of Cebu City. Come and visit us and enjoy our beautiful white sand beaches, blue waters, and underwater cavern. Visit for a day trip, or stay with us for a while. Either way, we’re confident you’ll want to come back. The Municipality of Badian is an experience to enjoy – come and share it with us!

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