There are no ATM machines in the town so it's better if you stock up enough cash before leaving Cebu City. Some resorts offer money change but the exchange rate may differ so it's better if you change your currency while in Cebu City. Traveler's cheques, credit cards, debit cards are only available in some resorts who have payment systems etc. Small resorts prefer receiving payment in cash (peso). The smartest way to bring cash in the country is in the form of a credit card or a debit card. You can use your cards to get advances from banks and ATM's if you have your PIN. Mastercard, Visa, Cirrus, and Plus is the most widely accepted in the country so check with your bank or credit card company to see which network your card is connected to.

The currency used in the town is the Philippine peso. Banknote denominations are in 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 peso. Coins are in 10c, 25c, P1, P5, and P10. It's better if you have cash back-up in cases you are running out, it will save you from dealing with some local moneychangers who have a reputation for ripping off tourist. The currency exchange in local moneychangers may also differ or lower than in banks, moneychangers in big cities. There are lots of banks and moneychangers in the cities that can be trusted. There are also global banks like HSBC, CitiBank who provides banking services in the Philippines so look around before deciding which one to use.

Take note that getting cash advances from ATM's in local currency may subject to withdrawal limit, your own bank may have daily withdrawal limit so check it out. ATM's are operational 24 hours daily in the cities. You can find ATM machines inside shopping malls, in addition to the banks and in other places like department stores etc. It's better if you stock up few notes smaller than P100 so you will have no problems in paying small bills.

The Municipality of Badian has one post office located at the Municipal Building. Some resorts may offer internet access, fees might apply. The town has one hospital and a number of health centers that can provide basic medical care and some privately own medical clinic to serve you. You can ask the resort's personnel to be guided. If you need further medical assistance the hospital has facilities like an ambulance to transfer you to good hospitals in the city like Cebu Doctors Hospitals and Chung Hua Hospitals etc.

Water in the town is not advisable to drink for tourist, but in general, it is of good quality. Bottled mineral or purified water is available in most stores located in the area. The electricity supply is 220 V, 60Hz. Outlets may not fit for international plugs, you can ask for an adaptor. The cellular phone is working in the area, Globe and Smart network roaming for most foreign companies. The SIM pack is cheap, cheaper then rooming. 
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