Hiking to Kawasan Falls
Kawasan Falls is a popular tourist destination in the town; it makes up the Matutinao River System. The waterfalls are an approximately two-kilometer uphill walk from the entry point. On your way, you can see wild tropical plants which give you the feeling of slowly entering the forest. Kawasan Falls is a cool and relaxing place.

A Very Cold Swim at Kawasan Falls
Getting tired of the approximately two-kilometer uphill walk from the entry point? Relax for a while, enjoy the scenery and reward yourself with a very cold swim on fresh crystal clear water from the falls.

Scuba Diving
Are you fun of scuba diving or snorkeling day trips? Badian Dive Center located at the beachfront of Badian Island Resort and Spa offer diving courses for beginners and other specialty courses. They operate all year round and are equipped with high standard equipment. Badian Dive Center offers 14 dive spots including the famous and one of the primary dive spot in the Philippines, The Pescador Island. Photos posted below are the property of Badian Island Beach Resort and Spa.

Excursion to Lambug Beach
A walk on a sunny beach is also an ideal thing to do when you are in the town. Lambug Beach is the best place to hang-out and watches the sunset, the place is open to the public. Few small tents for rent are available in the area for your shelter. You can also bring some of your outdoor equips and enjoy the place at no extra cost. The place is situated at Barangay Lambug, a walk away from Cebu International Golf and Resort. Enjoy a day of snorkeling and lazing at the beach.

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